Hi, I'm Trenton. I work to create positive, widespread change using strategic communications. I've been applying my strong writing skills, web design talents, and communications management experience to further the work of mission-driven organizations since 2005. (Here's my resume to prove it.)

This site brings together various aspects of my online presence, from the professional to the personal. Want to know a bit more about me? Dive in! Want to get in touch? Contact me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


Examples of my writing on social change, online innovations, sustainability and other topics from across the web.

Microfinance Gateway - Gateway Guides series on special topics in the field of financial inclusion

No Hay Camino - personal blog

NetSquared - remixing the web for social change

L.A. Poverty Examiner - Covering poverty issues with a Los Angeles perspective for Examiner.com

Green Tips on GigaOm -  Sample from a series on environmentally-friendly web-based business

Writing sample - Letter to the Editor concerning Peter Buffet and philanthropic strategy

Social Media

Microfinance Gateway - Facebook and Twitter

Samahope - Facebook and Twitter

IDEX - Facebook and Twitter

MoveOn.org's Media project - posts I submitted, wrote or edited, including YouTube's top political video of 2011


I'm a California native who attended the University of California in Berkeley, where I took the full range of pre-med classes while majoring in English Literature. In addition to my current home in Berkeley, CA, I've lived in Brighton, England; Madrid, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Washington, D.C. I've crossed Spain by foot, the Atlantic Ocean by boat and Nairboi by matatu. I love bringing my international, multicultural perspective, including my Spanish and French speaking abilitiies, to all of my work. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, creating art, and trying to keep up with the latest internet trends.